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Neon One: Simplified Nonprofit Solutions in an Advanced Ecosystem

"Be true to yourself and your mission."
Tim Sarrantonio
Head of Partnerships and Business Development, Neon One

Stay On Target: Three Fast Takeaways

  • Believe in your cause. Keep your focus on your cause and resist the temptation to stray from it. Chase grants that fund what you do, and don’t chase the money if it doesn’t fit your organization.
  • Never stop listening. Be attuned to what happens in your circles and always be on the lookout for a way to make things more efficient or effective.
  • Democratize your fundraising. Look beyond grants to peer-to-peer fundraising. Charitable giving can create reliable, agile funding that will allow your organization to react to needs as they arise.

The Freedom to Innovate

The right technology can advance your nonprofit’s mission and improve the lives of the communities you’re helping to serve. 

But each nonprofit has its own unique challenges. Finding the technology that will allow you to create sustainable, long-term growth without leaving you overwhelmed and overbudget is not a one-size-fits-all process. 

Tim Sarrantonio, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Neon One, knows a thing or two about the importance of finding unique solutions that fit each individual nonprofit’s needs. Tim and the team at Neon One are on a mission to help social good organizations achieve sustainable, long-term growth. Their efforts help provide “the right technology, support, and guidance at any stage in an organization’s growth journey.”

Neon One’s success lies first in an ability to deliver a complex system of services on functional, easy-to-use platforms. But what really helps them stand out is an intense desire to see nonprofits succeed. As Tim explained on a recent episode of our podcast, The Nonprofit Growth Show, Neon One is a technology services company that thrives on providing solutions so that every nonprofit has the freedom to innovate.

Built for the Nonprofit Sector

Neon One’s humble beginnings date back to 2004, when Lei Zhang and Jeff Gordy met while working at the Kidney Cancer Association. That meeting led to the two of them founding NeonCRM, a web-based CRM platform designed to help nonprofits raise money and operate more efficiently.

In 2018, NeonCRM combined its customer relationship management platform and tools with the fundraising platform of a company called Rallybound. This formed the new enterprise known as Neon One. Since that time, Neon One has continued learning and growing in order to create a seamless experience across multiple products.

Sarrantonio and the rest of Neon One are proud of the fact that their tech solutions focus on nonprofits and the people working hard to build lasting relationships with their communities. As Sarrantonio has noted in the past, when it comes to the success of nonprofits, “we care most about increasing revenue, saving time, and building capacity.”

The Data

$13 Billion

Raised for Nonprofits


Nonprofits Served


of Neon One's Staff Comes From a Nonprofit Background

The Neon One Ecosystem

Neon One’s suite of services includes:

  1. Neon CRM: This all-in-one, user-friendly data management system offers cloud-based solutions to streamline the way you engage with donors
  2. Neon Fundraise: A suite of integrative digital fundraising tools, including P2P, DIY, and hybrid event tools
  3. Neon Giving Days: A custom software platform that provides flexible tools to help maximize donations and donor growth on nonprofit giving days
  4. Neon CCM: Client and case management software that provides custom cloud-based solutions for managing client information and outcome reporting
  5. Neon Membership: An all-in-one membership management solution with a suite of tools designed for enhanced engagement and increased revenue
  6. Neon Websites: A complete nonprofit website design service with dynamic forms and easy editing capabilities
  7. Neon Pay: A payment processing platform for nonprofits that provides fast, easy, and transparent payment solutions

Neon One goes above and beyond by providing more than just a wide range of products. To help enhance the user experience, it also provides a range of certified partners and well-vetted consultants committed to helping nonprofits succeed in their mission.

Neon One currently has over 30 partners, including: 

  1. Fundraise Up
  2. MailChimp
  3. Salesforce
  4. Zapier
  5. Eventbrite
  6. Quickbooks
  7. DonorHub

Consultants include:

  1. Tech Impact
  2. Charity Studio
  3. Relationships Matter Now
  4. Gail Perry Associates
  5. Corporate Giving Connection

Neon One’s efforts are clearly paying off, serving over 35,000 nonprofits and raising more than $13 billion for social good organizations.

Why a Unified Ecosystem for Nonprofits Matters

Neon One recognizes the importance of focusing on the needs of the nonprofit. That’s why it remains committed to providing technology that will, as Sarrantonio notes, “integrate both products and processes on behalf of our clients.”

It’s that understanding of how nonprofits use technology that helps ensure Neon One provides the features that matter most to charitable organizations:

User-Friendly Design: Technology won’t empower a nonprofit if it can’t be used effectively. To ensure organizations achieve maximum sustainability, Neon One provides cutting-edge solutions to help manage membership, fundraising, events, and website information all from one dashboard. And it does this in a way that focuses on allowing users to accomplish tasks in the simplest way possible. Depending on your needs, you’ll find features like workflow automation, the ability to create fundraising campaigns quickly, and administrative tools that adapt to your needs. This allows users to work smarter rather than harder.

Great Value: High demand and limited resources are a constant struggle for nonprofits. The long hours and lack of funding many charities face are the main causes of nonprofit burnout. Getting the technology to help in your mission shouldn’t make things worse.

Neon One prides itself on making high-end, easy-to-use solutions at affordable prices. Their donor management software helps maximize performance and productivity. This can save time and free up staff hours for other tasks. Neon One also has tools that provide seamless integration, allowing clients to manage multiple platforms on one system. Their focus on the needs of the client helps nonprofits survive and thrive during difficult times, without having to make sacrifices or cut corners just to invest in technology.

Support: Your technology is meant to optimize performance. But when something isn’t running the way it’s supposed to or a user lacks experience, the best technology can’t prevent setbacks from happening. To keep frustrations from running high and derailing your goals, make sure your tech comes with nonprofit support services that fit your individual needs and can help overcome inevitable technology challenges.

Neon One understands that any system will come with a learning curve. That’s to be expected when your technology is meant to help a nonprofit innovate, stay agile, and maximize the impact it has with a community. Neon One provides plenty of support in the form of “step-by-step system guides, personalized troubleshooting, and on-demand chat and phone support.”

Personalization: The success of a nonprofit and its mission is built on relationships. Technology that provides customized solutions that fit with your organization’s needs lets you focus on what matters: creating personal connections and long-term loyalty with donors. This, in turn, creates more resources that let you build stronger ties with the communities you serve. That’s why Neon One offers technology that can automate and personalize data to improve work efficiency and donor experience. And when your organization is ready to scale upwards, Neon One has solutions that can grow with you to ensure you’re maximizing your impact.

Key Tactics

If you don’t feel empowered by the technology you’re using, you’re clearly getting the wrong kind of impact. To ensure you’re getting the most value from your technology, work with an organization that understands you and puts your needs first.

To that end, make sure your tech experts:

Believe in what you do: Sarrantonio has spent over 10 years pursuing his passion for nonprofits, and he’s not alone. 85% of their staff have a nonprofit background, making Neon One more than just a business supplying technology to the nonprofit industry. “If you approach it like it’s a business,” he says, “what you’re trying to then do is basically monetize altruism and monetize generosity.”

Instead, Sarrantonio and everyone at Neon One bring their passion for charitable work with them to everything they do. And Neon One has a company culture that reflects that passion, hosting staff volunteer events, sharing data with other organizations to improve the nonprofit sector, and letting employees donate one of Neon One’s database systems to a nonprofit of their choice.

Never stop listening: Sarrantonio understands the importance of taking the time to “listen to your ecosystem.” Creating intuitive management tools that work for the nonprofit requires a lot of insight. That’s why Neon One is willing to get input and advice from numerous sources, including nonprofits, consultants, and partners. “We can check our ego,” Sarrantonio says.

That mindset makes it easy for everyone at Neon One to listen and learn, so that they’re constantly improving. Neon One’s continual openness to feedback is the reason why the company is able to streamline and improve the efficiency of their technology. It also helps that the organization isn’t afraid to explore new ideas and learn from past mistakes.

You’re More than Just a Bottom Line

The tech solutions you bring to your nonprofit represent a major investment that will provide a firm foundation for future growth. To ensure that it pays off in your favor, you may want to look beyond the product to see if the standards of an organization align with yours. Finding the right hardware and software that is efficient and affordable may depend on what’s motivating an organization to sell products to you.

Neon One’s strategies for success emphasize not only how technology can bring the greatest value to your nonprofit but also how the values of the organization you work with matter.

By Robert Thorpe