Nonprofit Growth

Health Insurance for Nonprofit Employees

Why Should My Nonprofit Offer Health Insurance to Employees?

With all of the challenges you face running your nonprofit, perhaps one of the most daunting relates to hiring and retaining successful and satisfied employees. To a certain extent, employees who choose to work for a nonprofit have altruistic motives and desire to align with your company’s mission and vision. They understand the balance of giving up greater compensation to work somewhere they believe is making the world a better place.

Hiring for a Nonprofit

Hiring the Right Person for Your Nonprofit

Hiring a productive and happy team for your nonprofit may be the most important factor of success. Good hiring means not only hiring the right person, but hiring at the right time, for the right reasons, and using the right methods.

Here is our advice on the best way to find the best people for your organization, from planning the process to extending an offer.

nonprofit advocacy vs lobbying

Nonprofit Advocacy vs Lobbying: Staying Neutral

There is a fine line between yelling from the rooftops and gently educating those around you. Another, more technical term for this is lobbying vs advocacy. While they seem very similar and do have many related attributes, they are two very actions in the world of nonprofits. Advocacy is entirely allowed as a nonprofit, but too much lobbying can get your organization in big trouble.

GoFundMe for Nonprofits Crowdfunding

GoFundMe for Nonprofits: Making the Most of Crowdfunding

For nonprofits, fundraising is a must, and with the hundreds to thousands of fundraising options available for nonprofits, it can be challenging to determine which strategy or even which platform is best. Of these options, one of the most trusted and utilized platforms for online fundraising is GoFundMe. Although any individual can setup and use GoFundMe’s crowdfunding for nearly any reason, nonprofits can also utilize GoFundMe’s to aid in fundraising needs. For nonprofits specifically, GoFundMe offers a number of benefits and tools to not only host fundraisers but maximize fundraising potential.

Improve Donor Email Open Rates for Nonprofits

How to Improve Donor Email Open Rates for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit has stories to tell and emails can spread the word. The digital nature of email offers countless possibilities — especially with times as they are and people interacting more online than in-person. From donor retention to virtual fundraisers to event participation and more, email marketing campaigns can keep people informed of what your organization is doing.

Nonprofit Grants for 2021

Grants to Apply for in 2021

Funding can be a constant stress for some nonprofits, but this past year has been especially hard. To help organizations transition into 2021 and set their sights on recovery, we are compiling lists of exciting grants that nonprofits can apply to this year.

Some are broad in scope, while others are limited to specific missions and locations. Some are perennial, while others are dedicated to COVID-19 relief. But do not despair if you don’t find a grant that fits your needs. We will continue to publish more lists of helpful grants as in the coming weeks and months!

How to Run a Silent Auction

Shhhh! – How to Run a Silent Auction in 9 Steps

One of the hurdles any nonprofit organization faces is the issue of funding: ‘nonprofit’ is right there in the name, after all. But humanitarian aid, charity efforts, and social awareness campaigns all require funds to fully implement. The silent auction is one of the utensils in your nonprofit funding toolbox, and in this article, we’re going to explore how to run a silent auction and put it to work for your organization.

Crowdfunding Algorithms for Nonprofits

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits: Tap Into Algorithms for Success

Crowdfunding campaigns, as described by the National Council of Nonprofits, are “arranged around high-energy, community-building events.” Viral success stories cloud the industry, but intentionally going viral is a beast in itself; the internet can be unpredictable. You can’t always generate online momentum, but you can set up your campaign to ride the wave when it arrives.

Nonprofit Accepting Gifts

Nonprofit Gift Acceptance: Know the Rules for Accepting

For nonprofit organizations, it may seem as though it is a no-brainer to accept all gifts. However, things can be more complicated than they appear. Some potential contributions may cause more harm, damage, or loss than they do good, especially when things like liabilities, expenses, or legalities are involved. There are various kinds of gifts that your nonprofit should think twice about before accepting.

Zoom for Nonprofits

Zoom for Nonprofits: How it Works and Which Version to Choose

For a nonprofit or business of any kind, technology is a must. Put simply, technology makes life easier. While the constant changes come with a learning curve, updating and staying current with tech trends can not only help but ease the work of a nonprofit. One of the most prominent tech platforms of 2020 was and continues to be Zoom. Zoom offers businesses, organizations, and nonprofits of any size the ability to communicate via video or online chat through cloud-based software. For a nonprofit in the modern world, Zoom is a must.

Nonprofit Consultant

A Guide to Consulting and Consultants for Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit is challenging. One often begins with the best intentions: addressing a need, promoting change, or something similar. However, despite what some believe, a nonprofit is a business; it has employees, administrative needs, managerial needs, operating costs, fundraising costs, and more. With all the demand that can come from operating a nonprofit, sometimes a person needs to ask for help. No one person or nonprofit knows how to or can do everything effectively; in cases like these, a nonprofit consultant is often the best solution.