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free nonprofit templates

100+ Free Nonprofit Templates To Save You Time & Money

Whether your nonprofit is large or small, you can’t get around the fact that managing your nonprofit requires an incredible amount of paperwork. To simplify the process for you, we’ve compiled the internet’s largest list of FREE templates, worksheets, and guides you can use for anything and everything your nonprofit might need.

Payment Processors for Nonprofits

How to Tell If Your Web Content Sucks

It’s hard to be objective about your organization’s website. Even if you didn’t write the content, you are too wrapped up in the day-to-day to take a cold, hard look at it. So … here are five ways to tell if your web content sucks.

online exposure SEO

How to Use SEO as a Nonprofit to Maximize Online Exposure

Enhancing the visibility of a nonprofit organization online is important to help potential donors discover your cause or social issue. Reaching your desired audience makes it easier for you to serve your cause alongside those who also want to serve. One vital way to get donations and garner volunteers and supporters online is through search engine optimization, or SEO.

nonprofit donations list

77+ Donation Opportunities for Nonprofits (And How to Apply)

Are you looking for funding or resources? There is another solution, beyond soliciting donations from the public – explore this list of companies that donate to nonprofits and find how your organization might be able to find a new revenue stream for change!

Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits

Corporate Partnerships for Nonprofits: Basics and Best Practices

Partnerships between nonprofits and for-profit businesses are becoming increasingly common as leaders seek innovative, holistic solutions to the problems that face their communities today. Does your nonprofit benefit from a corporate partnership, or are you missing out?

Successful Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign

Nonprofit Fundraising: 4 Steps for a Successful Campaign

No matter the size of your organization, fundraising is vital to your success. Unlike for-profit ventures, you rely significantly on your ability to garner support from your community and the public at large, so it’s safe to say the stakes for fundraising are high. 

Unrestricted Grants for Nonprofits

Unrestricted Grants for Nonprofits: Unlocking Your Full Potential

Grants are an important part of every nonprofit fundraising strategy. They are typically given by public and private sources, such as foundations, corporations, and government agencies. And depending on the type of grant, they can provide some much-needed funds to help improve your infrastructure, create or grow projects, or even help cover general operating costs.

Project Management for Nonprofits

Project Management for Nonprofits: A Primer

Project management is about creating a “systematic, timely, and controlled process” for accomplishing tasks. Put simply it is a way of staying organized and efficient, which is especially important for nonprofits operating with tiny or nonexistent budgets. You might be doing alright with your current systems, but we want you to grow!

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

All About Nonprofit CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

In simple terms, customer relationship management functions as a sort of database in order to help organizations have better communication, improve strategies, increase fundraising, etc. It can be beneficial for nearly every organization to have some form of CRM but is especially beneficial to nonprofit organizations.

fundraising with venmo

How to Use Venmo to Take Fundraising to the Next Level

There are many useful tools and applications out there for nonprofit organizations, but few are as vital as fundraising tools. Fundraising is the lifeblood of your organization. It’s how you raise money for your cause, but also how you keep the lights on so your organization can continue doing its work.