Nonprofit Growth


Nonprofit Fundraising: 4 Steps for a Successful Campaign

No matter the size of your organization, fundraising is vital to your success. Unlike for-profit ventures, you rely significantly on your ability to garner support from your community and the public at large, so it’s safe to say the stakes for fundraising are high. 


Unrestricted Grants: Unlocking the Nonprofit’s Full Potential to Transform Communities

Grants are an important part of every nonprofit fundraising strategy. They are typically given by public and private sources, such as foundations, corporations, and government agencies. And depending on the type of grant, they can provide some much-needed funds to help improve your infrastructure, create or grow projects, or even help cover general operating costs.

Project Management

Project Management Primer for Nonprofits

Project management is about creating a “systematic, timely, and controlled process” for accomplishing tasks. Put simply it is a way of staying organized and efficient, which is especially important for nonprofits operating with tiny or nonexistent budgets. You might be doing alright with your current systems, but we want you to grow!


All About Nonprofit CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

In simple terms, customer relationship management functions as a sort of database in order to help organizations have better communication, improve strategies, increase fundraising, etc. It can be beneficial for nearly every organization to have some form of CRM but is especially beneficial to nonprofit organizations.

fundraising with venmo

How to Use Venmo to Take Your Organization’s Fundraising to the Next Level

There are many useful tools and applications out there for nonprofit organizations, but few are as vital as fundraising tools. Fundraising is the lifeblood of your organization. It’s how you raise money for your cause, but also how you keep the lights on so your organization can continue doing its work.

insurance for nonprofits

Why Should My Nonprofit Offer Health Insurance to Employees?

With all of the challenges you face running your nonprofit, perhaps one of the most daunting relates to hiring and retaining successful and satisfied employees. To a certain extent, employees who choose to work for a nonprofit have altruistic motives and desire to align with your company’s mission and vision. They understand the balance of giving up greater compensation to work somewhere they believe is making the world a better place.


Hiring the Right Person for Your Nonprofit

Hiring a productive and happy team for your nonprofit may be the most important factor of success. Good hiring means not only hiring the right person, but hiring at the right time, for the right reasons, and using the right methods.

Here is our advice on the best way to find the best people for your organization, from planning the process to extending an offer.

nonprofit advocacy vs lobbying

Nonprofit Advocacy vs Lobbying: Staying Neutral

There is a fine line between yelling from the rooftops and gently educating those around you. Another, more technical term for this is lobbying vs advocacy. While they seem very similar and do have many related attributes, they are two very actions in the world of nonprofits. Advocacy is entirely allowed as a nonprofit, but too much lobbying can get your organization in big trouble.


GoFundMe for Nonprofits: Making the Most of Crowdfunding

For nonprofits, fundraising is a must, and with the hundreds to thousands of fundraising options available for nonprofits, it can be challenging to determine which strategy or even which platform is best. Of these options, one of the most trusted and utilized platforms for online fundraising is GoFundMe. Although any individual can setup and use GoFundMe’s crowdfunding for nearly any reason, nonprofits can also utilize GoFundMe’s to aid in fundraising needs. For nonprofits specifically, GoFundMe offers a number of benefits and tools to not only host fundraisers but maximize fundraising potential.