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Your future is our future

Having worked exclusively with nonprofits for over a decade, we know the impact that smartly leveraged digital tools can have on donations, cause awareness, and overall organizational success.

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Expanding horizons of opportunity

Through our knowledge sharing platform, we aim to empower nonprofit leaders to unlock a sense of possibility, motivation, and confidence that will reverberate through the communities they serve.

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We lift each other up

We welcome contributions from those with expertise to share. By learning from each other, we amplify our collective efforts to feed, heal, shelter, educate, inspire, enlighten, and nurture the world around us.

More Than Home Building: Understanding New Story’s Success

"'Doing good' is often used as an excuse for poor operational excellence. We want to be highly impactful and highly efficient. Combining progressive housing with creative financing and a demand-driven model, we are constantly decreasing the cost per person served and increasing the speed we can work."
Morgan Lopes
Chief Technology Officer, New Story

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